This is such a GREAT time of the year – when the flowers open up (and smell amazing), and the herbs seem to be inches taller every day.  And yet, it’s not quite summer yet, so nothing is wilted, or tired looking – or scarce.  I LOVE this “in between” time, but it also means a lot of work!!  Planting needs to be done, flowers and herbs have to be harvested, and just how do you freeze that moment in time when you step outside and the wafts of roses and honeysuckles come your way.  How ever..?  I’ll tell you how – make the most of what is available now!
I am a total honeysuckle junkie.  Just smelling the stuff reminds me of summertime – and that amazing honey taste you get when you pull those strings out of the flower.  Mmm.. it doesn’t get much better than that!  We planted this bush a couple of years ago, and I am SO happy it has taken over like it has.  It brings the bees on over, it smells amazing!, my kids get (and I) get to enjoy the honey, and.. I get my favorite lotion out of the deal!

But of course, I did mention roses too – and I hate to be biased, but the rose bush I planted last year smells more fragrant than any other roses I’ve encountered.  I hate to say I didn’t note what specie it was (but guys, I got it at Whole Foods!)  Just beautiful!!

So, some honeysuckle, and some roses – and VOILA!  You’ve got a GREAT base for your own homemade salves or lotions!!  Talk about preserving the best of Spring!!

Tired of the pictures yet?  I’d say sorry, but I’m not.  This is such a beautiful time of the year, and I LOVE to share!!

So what else is great to get a jump on this time of year?  Well, with summertime comes the dreaded sunburns, so I’m thinking some Rose Petal Vinegar – only, this year, I’m going to add some lavender to the mix to help soothe those burns even more!  And guys, remember, this also works great as a hair balancing agent – and a great toner!  So start your batch now so you’ll have it ready next month!

Remember, this is a simple infusion process using raw apple cider vinegar as the base.  Let it sit for about 4 weeks, then strain off – this stuff is GREAT!!  It really takes the heat off burns, bites, and even sprains!

In addition to it’s functionality, you’ve also got a beautiful counter top decoration that you’ll enjoy looking at as much as using!

Still have plenty of roses left?  Dry the petals, and use them in herbal eye pillows!  Dreams don’t get much sweeter than that.   Or, use them in your bath for a luxurious, skin nourishing treat!

Just remember – projects, and harvesting takes time!  Just don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers, k?  :)  Here in TX, we only have a few short weeks before the heat waves begin..

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Written on May 1st, 2013 , General

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