Today, we will call “the day of granite”.  Decomposed granite – and granite rocks.  You’ll be lifting so much granite, you’ll never want to see it again!  Now, you might ask, “can’t you just use wood for the beds?”  Absolutely!  And it would be cheaper to go that route, fyi.  But one thing you have to remember with wooden beds, is that wood rots.  And it can be a termite attraction.  Not always, but can.  So best case scenario, you put a lot of work into your beds, only to have to redo the entire process again every few years as the wooden frames begin to break down.  Me, I’m not a fan of having to do anything over again if it can be prevented.  Plus, the granite looks a lot nicer – and can add value to your home!

Ready??  Here we go..

Take a trip to the rock quarry, and you’re going to need as much granite as you want for as many beds as you want.  In our case, we moved about 4 tons of granite today.  Yes.. 4.. TONS.  Insane, right??

Here we go…



And building…


And building!


It’s actually starting to look like a garden guys!!  I know you’re not nearly as excited as I am, but just pretend for me, ok?  :)

Once the beds are laid out, compact more decomposed granite around them.  We are actually going to add another layer of granite rock to the actual beds in the hopes that the height will deter most rabbits from raiding our vegetables.  But a wire fence around the beds is always an option as well.

Next step, we’re going to mortar these beds so they are more stable, but that’s enough for today, don’t you think?

Here’s hoping our next work day finishes out the job!  And I think we’re close enough now, I can start dreaming about all the “farm-fresh” veggies we’ll be growing in no time!  Until next post, give those muscles a break!

Written on April 19th, 2015 , General

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