Alright, did everyone get started on a batch of yummy kefir water last week?  I hope so!!  Today, we’ll continue on talking about dairy kefir using the actual grains, but first, I wanted to share a recipe for Coconut Water Kefir (since we still have those water kefir grains on the brain).  As I mentioned before, coconut water is amazing for you – especially during the summer months when electrolytes need replenishing!

This recipe came from my Cultures For Health Kefir Recipes e-book, and is incredibly easy to do!!  Have your water kefir grains handy?  Did you rinse them off to get them ready for this ferment?  If not, do so now!

Ok, for this beverage, all you need is your water kefir grains, and some coconut water.  Simply place about 3 Tbsp water kefir grains into *up to* 2 quarts of coconut water.  Remember, this has to breathe, so cover with a towel or coffee filter.  You will let the mixture culture for 24-48 hours on the counter.  When it is finished, strain off your water kefir grains, store them appropriately, and enjoy your cultured coconut water!  You can also flavor it with fruit or juice if you want to wait an extra day for the second ferment – but remember, loosen the tops on those jars!  Whether or not you did a second ferment, you can enjoy your beverage immediately, or move to the fridge and work on it later.  Either way, you’re set!

Now onto to dairy kefir – using reusable grains!  This is much easier than the water kefir, but a bit messier.  :)  The ratio of grains to liquid is about the same, so get your milk and kefir grains handy.  Place the grains in a jar, and add your milk!  Since the grains are present, you will need to cover your jar with a towel or coffee filter so they can breathe.  Let it culture on the counter for a day and voila!  You’re done!  No second ferment to worry about!

But, there is the task of retrieving your grains to store – and as you’ll see, your milk has now thickened to the consistency of yogurt!  Here’s what I did – dump it all in a bowl, and fish through that kefir to retrieve your grains!


Don’t worry, you won’t miss them!  These grains are larger than you think – and hard.  So it’s not easy to leave one behind..

To store your dairy grains, simply put them in a small container and pour milk in to cover them.  (This is what the dairy grains snack on)  Cover with a towel or coffee filter so they can breathe, and put in the fridge.  Remember to rinse them off each time you start a new batch of kefir.

Now, to store the kefir, simply put into a jar, cover, and refrigerate.  You don’t need to worry about carbonation effect with the dairy kefir, so tighten that lid to your heart’s content!  And there you have it!  Homemade kefir using reusable kefir grains, rather than disposable packets.  (It really is just the extra step of retrieving your grains and keeping them alive)

I hope these posts have really motivated you to get started on your own culturing projects!  It is truly crucial to your health to keep live enzymes and probiotics in your gut at all times.  So have some fun with it, and enjoy!!



Written on June 29th, 2013 , General

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