Does everyone have their vegetable garden seeds sprouting?  Just look at ours!  This is less than 1 week from when we started sprouting them!

2015-01-15 16.01.07

Now, this is the sad part (for me, anyway).  Once the seeds start coming up – if more than 1 came up per square, you are going to have to pull all but 1, so they don’t fight over the space.  I know, I don’t  like this any more than you do.  But once “the job” is done, the existing sprouts can grow to their heart’s content!


(Just 2 weeks after sprouting!)

Soon enough, they will be ready to transplant – and that’s a whole new ballgame!  Hope you’re all seeing some “seedling success”, and if you’re not, don’t fret.  There’s always seedling sales in the springtime.  😉

Written on February 28th, 2015 , General

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